ZinouScrobbler (MorphOS)

French version

This is a simple Audioscrobbler (1.1 protocol) plugin. It consists in sending to the Audioscrobbler server the list of the tunes you are listening to in order to build a personal musical profile (you need to listen to 50% of a track or 4 minutes for it to be submitted).

This profile will then be compared to other people's profiles in order to make clever suggestions. You may have a look at my profile for instance on http://last.fm/user/mahen. This enables to discover many unknown potentially interesting artists, to establish a list of persons with a similar musical taste, and also to listen to net radios - provided you have access to the appropriate media player.

Features :
Thanks to : SteaG, my dear zinou, for inciting me to write this little plugin. Jah for fixing his player. Ultrabelb for fixing his player. Jah, Henes and Fab for their regular help. Batteman for being my dear guinea-pig. (I wonder if the dictionary is right :)


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