GerontoLibrary & AmiNetRadio plugin (MorphOS)

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GerontoPlayer.library is a shared library making use of several open source libraries dedicated to playing sound files mainly from old game systems, through a simple to use unified API. This is basically just an extremely simple wrapper.

A plugin for AmiNetRadio makes use of it. This library is distributed under the LGPL licence.

Supported sound formats

The Blargg's Game Music Emulation library by Shay Green enables the support of the following formats (may be gzipped) : The SC68 library by Benjamin Gérard supports the following : STSound, by Arnaud Carré ( replays : HESPlay, by Charles Mac Donald supports : libTimidity allows the replay of : .nsf, .gbs, .sc68 or .hes files may contain subsongs, usually all the music from a single game in one file.

GerontoLibrary plugin for AmiNetRadio

Here is a screenshot of the prefs windows, as of 21/09/05 :

"Default duration if available" : if the music duration is unknown, the specified duration will be used, if one of the following options is selected as well.
"Time before silence detection" : duration, in seconds, of "blank" necessary before interrupting a track if the option at the bottom is ticked too.
"Timeout if duration exceeded" : may be useful for tracks that loops or when incorrect durations are used.
"Display default duration instead of 00:00" : enables to display an arbitrary duration in the playlist, and seek into a track whose duration is unknown. Use with caution.
"Interrupt song if silence detected" : self explanatory ;)

"Play all subsongs" : if not ticked, only the first subsong per file is played.
"Browse subsongs with time slider" : if ticked, the time slider will indicate the current subsong instead of the current time inside the current subsong.

Here is a playlist example, as of 21/09/05 :


Please use the provdided install script. If not, please make sure you deleted the former plugins for STSound, SC68 and GameMusicEmu. MIDI replay needs a secondary archive for the instruments, provided below.
Developers should have a look at the ReadMe.txt file.


Recommended : All of Jochen "Mad Max" Hippel's work in .sc68 and .ym, formats ; Thunder Force IV for Megadrive, Final Fantasy 6 for Super Nintendo.

Thanks to stevo, itix, jah, ultragelb, fab, highlander & henes and to the authors of the aforementioned libraries who did all the job !
Thanks to Christophe Highlander Delorme for the icon.
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